Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blogging Break....obviously


To those of you who haven't forgotten about me and still check to see if I'm alive, I am very grateful!! I have obviously been on a blogging break, although it really wasn't planned. I have been trying to add exercise into my daily, already packed to the gills, schedule. I was successful for awhile, but then we all caught the flu and then I added bronchitis to the mix, and I've fallen off the bandwagon. However, I am trying to re-add it, again. All that being said, I've just had to nix a lot of computer time. For awhile I tried just reading all of your blogs to stay in touch, but I was just falling further and further behind. So, I figure, I'm pretty much on a blogging break until summer. I realize summer is exactly when a lot of you GO on a blogging break, but that is the only time I have extra time. I really do miss you all and knowing what is happening with whom...but, it's a matter of keeping priorities in line. If anything major happens, please feel free to post a comment on my blog or e-mail me at joshruthburton@bellsouth. net (take out the space). May Jesus bless you and keep you safe!! I miss you all.