Friday, August 10, 2007

The Dream Giver

Hi Everybody! I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I'm kind of on a blogging "slow-down". I've been reading blogs, but I haven't been posting.

I've been working in my classroom getting ready for the new school year. I'm doing a Mexican theme in my classroom this year. I've hung pinatas from the ceiling and added other appropriate decorations. School starts on Thursday. Here we go again.

A couple of you have tagged me for the original name writing meme. I think I have a good idea and will work on that this weekend!

On a different note, have any of you read this book? While on my little get away, my cell group leader read us the first half of this book. While we were on the beach. We all just sat and listened. Even those of us who burn easily stayed and listened. By the end, I had a towel draped over my shoulders and head and was sweating profusely. Now, for me, you KNOW that has to be good for me to sit under those conditions!! LOL

Here's what the description of the book says: This compelling modern-day parable tells the story of Ordinary, who dares to leave the Land of Familiar to pursue his Big Dream. You, too, have been given a Big Dream. One that can change your life. One that the Dream Giver wants you to achieve. Does your Big Dream seem hopelessly out of reach? Are you waiting for something or someone to make your dream happen?

The first half of the book is the parable, the second half tells what to do with it. I've heard the parable. As I said, it was good enough to sit in the sun and sweat while listening to it. I ordered the book, and when it came in, I had Beth read the first chapter (grudgingly). She didn't put it down until she had finished the parable! I haven't had a chance to read the second part. I highly recommend what I've read so far. It's been one of those life changing books.

Have a blessed weekend!!


Anonymous said...

These are the kind of books I love, the ones recommended by a friend. I will have to check it out.

Have fun with the name meme. I was going to tag you, but I saw others had done so.

Momma Roar said...

I love books like this - I checked on and they had it! I have a pile a mile high of books I want to read - but at least I get them at little cost from this site. Did you ever try it? I LOVE it! Have a beautiful weekend!

Christie Belle said...

Oh, I'm so glad it touched you, you really are an inspiration, and...I'm glad you posted:) And about such a wonderful book! It does sound like one you wouldn't be able to put down. I'll have to look into that one once I get settled, I'll still have a month before Jason comes back, I'll need stuff to do! Thanks for sharing it:)

Anonymous said...

I have not read this book, however, I have heard many people reccomend it as a gift to graduating seniors.
Maybe it's time for me to pick it up. Thanks for sharing!

Christy said...

I will have to get that...I have heard it is good!

I have been busy getting my classroom ready too-it takes a lot of time!

I was glad to see a post from you again :)

diana said...

sounds interesting. i'll have to look for it. this describes me... too many books, so little time. i tell myself i can't buy a new book until i've read one. but i'm always breaking my rule =] thanks for sharing.

Penless Thoughts said...

The book sounds great. Those "Life changing ones" are few and far between but oh so precious. I've been missing your posts but appreciate that you've read and commented :o) The best to you this new school year. AND, may you dream BIG.

Karen said...

Thanks for the recommendation on this book. I'll try and get it soon. Christie and I can share it!
I can't believe it's already time to start back to school for you. The schools around here don't start for another 3 weeks. It sounds like you have done a great job decorating your room. Good luck and prayers for a wonderful new year!

Lyndy said...

Wow sounds like a great book. Thanks for sharing about it.

I pray you have a lovely SONday.

Hugs, Lyndy

Lori said...

Sounds like you have been real busy getting ready for school. Good Luck. That book sounds good. I will have to check into.

Betty said...

I'm sure you are busy with school beginning...both my girls are teachers and they are really popping.

Thanks for visiting and no the 'egg' plant is a real plant, just ornamental......

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Mexican theme for class - hey, a fiesta - can I come too? I love it when teachers make learning fun!

The book looks good. I'll have to check it out. I've read the author before.

Have a great day!