Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Fun

I found this on U Tube and I thought I'd wish everybody a happy weekend with it. (Stop the music on the side bar first) (Does anybody know how to stop the music temporarily on the side bar without removing it from your blog?)


Jennifer said...

Gotta love Chris Rice :o)

My favorite are the "little blue guys" ~ it sends me back to watching Smurfs on Saturday mornings with my brother!

Have a great weekend Ruth!

diana said...

my kids still love this song. my favorite is the teenage mutant ninja turtles =] cowabunga dude!

hope you have a great weekend.

Taylor said...

I love this song. My favorite is the smurfs. "Hah la la la la la la la la lay loo yah."

p.s.I think that you can temporarily stop the music by pressing the pause botton at the top of the song list, but I'm not sure.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Yep, a classic Chris Rice:) Fun song!

Karen said...

This was a big hit around here a few years ago! Thanks for bringing back good memories!

Jen in MS said...

Such a cute song!

To answer your question on my blog about time off, I'm thinking right now that I'll take this next week off, resume and then take off the couple of weeks we are off of school around Christmas. For some reason when I have the extra time because we aren't schooling, I find I'm the least interested in blogging!

Have you heard from Trella? I'm worried about her and I obviously don't have a current email address.

Beach Girl said...

That's too cute! Definitely brings a smile out. :-)


Lori said...

Cute video. Love it.

Just stopping by to say hi!

Christie Belle said...

How cute!!! That cracked me up. I hate that I missed your son's b'day last month, it looks like he had a great one! We had a cookie cake for Alaina's b'day this year, it was YUMMY! Have a good rest of your week:)

Karen said...

Hi! Just checking in with you. Hope all is well.