Monday, May 21, 2007

OK...So I Like It Cold!

I must admit to being very hot natured. Even before I had all of this 'extra insulation', I was always hot. I live in Louisiana where not only is it hot, it's humid, which is a sticky-yuck kind of hot. I guess I get carried away trying to get comfortable. This is a picture of Josh and Beth watching tv tonight trying to stay warm. Did I mention that I LOVE air conditioning? Here they are huddled under a blanket for survival, so they claim. I'm wandering around in a sleeveless night gown and not a bit cold. After snapping this picture, I relented and made it just a tad warmer in the house. However, I think they're still under the blanket in the living room. It's not THAT cold in here!! =o) And summer has just begun....


Our Peculiar Life said...

our keyword around here for the summer is "meat locker" If we can't hang meat in here, it ain't cold enough. ;-)

Trella said...

I vouch for what Ruth speaks! Her house is freezing. I always try and remember to wear a long sleeve shirt to her house:)

The only time it feels a little warm is when she has a house full of people for July 4th.

I love the picture, Ruth.


Christie Belle said...

I am so much like you in this. I stay hot, even in the winter. My husband complains b/c I hardly even turn on the heat:)

Penless Thoughts said...

Cute piecture! That's what you call adjusting.....isn't it?

Lyndy said...

I would have to say you could hang meat in my house too. Last night I was extremely warm and finally got up and adjusted the air a bit...ah...slept so much better.

Funny thing is though I am hot natured...I freeze in restaurants most of the time. Go figure. lol

Lori B said...

I would also be snuggled under a blanket. I am always cold. I need a blanket to cover up with when sitting in my rocker or wherever.

I think I have poor circulation. I've had a few problems because of it.
So bring on the heat for me. I love summer.

I wanted to let you know that I have a new blog address.
Please feel free to update your site with my new address.
Let me know if you can get through on my new site.
I've so enjoyed blogging back and forth with you and getting to know you that I didn't want to loose touch with you.

Hugs, Lori

Tonja said...

even though I can't stand the humid summers here, I also do not like to be cold (oh me!). Dave loves it cold in the, we're always going back and forth. it's a wonder we don't all catch colds from the change in temp in our house :P

congrats to Beth...I can't believe she'll be in high school!! Egad!!

oh, I just went to a mother/daughter conference this weekend with Rebekah...heard Vicki Courtney and Jackie Kendall speak...AWESOME MESSAGES!! They're reaching out to pre-teen and teen-age girls and their parents :) check out their websites if you haven't heard of them...they have great resources:

xoxo, tonja

Karen said...

You, Christie, and Ashley are very much alike! They always complain that my house is too hot! LOL!

Lori B said...

Ruth his site is a blog. But it says it is a local and state newspaper.
I'm not sure what it is. After looking at it closer it may be just a blog.

Jennifer said...

Ruth! You're a woman after my own heart <3 In the winter, I'm probably the only person that loves getting the heat bill b/c it's so low! I think we only turned the heat on twice this past winter :o) Now the summer on the other hand, I love A/C! You and I would get along great!! It's funny, my husband bundles in several blankets in front of the tv too!

Betty said...

Ruth, thanks for coming by and leaving a sweet comment about my grandson...

The picture speaks a thousand words...Ha, Ha.....I would be under the quilt. I'm kinda cold natured also........Betty

Kelli said...

I love it! I like it cold too and I have to have my fan on at night or I can't sleep! Summer is here!