Sunday, April 26, 2009

2010 Spring Break

Ok, I realize I may be jumping the gun here, but I found something out about Spring Break for next school year that I am NOT a happy camper about. Josh (my hubby) and I both teach, but we are in different parishes (aka counties). Well, next year, our two school systems have scheduled off DIFFERENT holiday dates. This means that Josh, Beth and Ben will have one holiday week, and Matt and I will have a different one. This happened one other time a long time ago, and it was horrible. When I was talking about this to Josh, Matt was in the room and started crying. (He's my sensitive one!) Phft!!!! :(


Susan said...

Hi Ruth!!! So delighted to hear from you and see you are back to blogging.

I can understand your disappointment about the two separate vacation breaks....but being one who tries to make lemonaide out of lemons why don't you guys begin to see it as "special" times for each group. You and the one child. Your husband and the two children. Plan something really special for the ones off and go do it and then come back and share with the ones in school. I can see it as being a good time for some more one-on-one and one-in-two time :o)

So very glad your back to blogging. Thanks for dropping by and letting me know!

~Karen~ said...

Hey Ruth!!! I thought you'd left the blogging world, but saw a comment on Christie's blog today. I'm so happy to find you again.

I would not be happy about the vacations, either. I hope you can find a good solution that will work for your family.

Blessings and hugs,
Karen (Kindred Haven)

Jennifer said...

BUMMER! that just stinks :oP
Hope you can find some time together!!

to answer your question.. what is twitter? :o)

my personal definition: a social networking tool, even more addicting than facebook or myspace :o)

You can follow people similar to facebook; however, it's much more simple than facebook. You can only type 140 characters in each "tweet" (update). It's in real time, and you answer the question: "what are you doing?" I have it linked on my phone ~ initially, I started twittering to keep up with my boss and his network of people. I have my Twitter updates linked so it updated my Facbeook. You have the option to 'follow' someone and receive their "tweets" (updates).

So that's what Twitter is :o) any questions?? heehee!