Saturday, April 18, 2009

Matt's Quote of the Day

Today Matt told me that the "cookie dough in the freezer is lonely. Its purpose is to be made into cookies so I can eat them." He really said this...I am not embelishing!! Gotta love that kid.


Jennifer said...

Hey Ruth!
So glad you are back :o)
Thanks so much for popping by my blog! I don't blog as much as I used to (little time with 2 jobs, a husband, and a dog --- I can only imagine how busy YOUR life is!!) I'll definitely go and see if I can find you on Facebook. If I find you.. look for a friend request from Jennifer Burgess Snipes.

Hope everything is going great! I just love those quotes from Matt. I'm with him... cookie dough is lonely. Although, I could eat it straight from the fridge, bypass the oven :o)

diana said...

hi ruth... boy was i surprised to see your comment on my post. i was clicking over here i was hoping that you hadn't been back long and i was missing out. i checked back on this blog for a long time and gave up thinking you had abandoned it altogether. glad to see you're back - for however much. and hope life's been well for you and your family.