Saturday, March 31, 2007

Joy of the Lord #3

HOORAY!! It's Saturday. I love weekends. This weekend I am home just running a few errands, bringing Matt to a birthday party, and trying to take it easy. I wasn't home last weekend, and next weekend will be very busy as well. At least I have a week off after that. Beth is on a youth Encounter this weekend, and I am praying God will touch her in a special way.

I thought I'd post the 3rd point in the Joy of the Lord sermon. It was quite good!

#3 Receive His Word

Joy is a gift from God. You just ask for it and receive it. It works like any other type of spiritual gift or promise. We can't earn it or work ourselves up to it; we have it because Jesus paid the price for it and delights to give it to us. We just have to ask and believe in faith that we receive it. It's kind of like the gift of wisdom, or salvation, for that matter - ask for it and receive it by faith. So now in the mornings, one of the things I do is ask for joy and wisdom and then thank Him that I will have both of those this day.

God's word also says in James 1:2 to consider it pure joy whenever you face trials of many kinds. Now, that doesn't sound near as nice, does it? BUT James goes on to say, basically, that the reason we should rejoice in the trials is because God wants to develop us. If you are like me, you'd rather escape then deal with problems! The problem with that is, if we keep escaping, we never develop God's character in us, and we keep circling around the same mountain over and over. I'd rather face new mountains than carve a rut in a path around the old one!! The situation that feels like it will bring nothing but lack actually causes you to lack nothing!!

So, now, every time I deal with an irate parent (from school), or I'm having to face some issue in life, big or little, I am doing my best not to get aggravated that I have to deal with it. Instead I try to see it as a way for God to form some character in me. It's still not FUN, don't get me wrong. But if I can see some Devine purpose in it, it tends not to steal my joy.

Have a blessed weekend!!


Jennifer said...

Hey Ruth,
What a sweet post and so true!

I hope you have a great week!

Trella said...

Thanks for sharing Ruth. I have enjoyed all three points and have been great reminders to me each day.

Candy said...

HI Ruth!
Thanks for dropping by my blog :) and for the nice comment.
I will be back soon to check out more of your blog :)


Ruth said...

Thanks for stopping by everybody! I don't mean to "preach", but this is where I "sort it all out". It's my online journal. It's been so great to meet such a wonderful online community with you all.