Monday, April 2, 2007

Joy of the Lord #4

I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed meeting everybody who has stopped by my blog. It's been wonderful getting to know everybody! I am now making my daily rounds to many different blogs and thoroughly enjoying all of the posts.

I wanted to post point #4 about the joy of the Lord because this is the point that REALLY hit home for me. It must be where I am at the moment and where I need to focus. I have found that rewriting and rephrasing these points for others to follow has helped me tremendously to process and retain it all....which was my hope from the get-go. =o)

#4 Enjoy the Process

I've mentioned it before, but we must remember that ALL THINGS, be it "good" or "bad" are working together for us...for God to form character in us, for us to conquer the enemy, for us to grow in strength and faith, etc.... And, you know, I can live with that. However, I'm not so sure about "enjoying the process". Is that really necessary??? Isn't sheer obedience enough?

Well, obedience is a start, but we can't park there. At first obedience is a good step, but do we really give it our all just because of obedience? It might carry some weight at first, but eventually I tire out of doing it "because it is right" and begin to "go through the motions". But, when my passion gets involved, THEN I do things because I want to, and I have energy and desire to do it the best of the best...not just get it done.

Joseph spent time in the prison and the palace. He excelled in both places. Now, I can't imagine he LOVED being in the prison, but at some point he moved beyond obedience to give it his all. I've got to learn to give whatever growth situation I am in my all, regardless of where I consider it puts the prison or the palace. It's kind of like hearing God say, "Until you enjoy cleaning the toilets, you're not going to be released from it." Why? Because I'm not giving the situation my best...I'm merely existing until it's over.

Being upset and worrying about it won't add anything to life. So, even in stressful situations, I am trying to learn to stop and laugh at the situation...knowing God is in control. Worrying won't help, anyway. I can't see the "big picture", so I am trying to count it all joy....even when I don't understand.

Lord, help me to embrace what you have for me, even when I don't understand. Let me laugh as I learn to follow Your process in my life. Don't let me get stuck just obeying, but let me find joy in the passion of pursuing Your ways and leaving mine behind.

So, anyway, I don't know if that makes any sense to anybody else. It's probably still obvious I'm processing that step. I guess I need to laugh as I sort it out. =o)


Ash said...

I am still sorting too. I also need to laugh while doing it. I try to be obedient, but not always happy about some things. But I am a work in progress I guess.

I hope you and yours day is fabulous!


Trella said...

Boy, is this so good and timing for me!

Jennifer said...

Thank you for sharing your insights! I too am guilty of going through the motions!

Have a great day!

Tonja said...

I may have to park on this point for a's so true...I'm still a work in progres on this one. It's too easy for me to look at the circumstances and lose my joy. I'm learning to look beyond and see that God is bigger than the circumstance...and then I can find something to be thankful for. joyful? I know it's possible...b/c it comes from the Lord.

so glad you're enjoying this blogging're doing so well :)

Penless Thoughts said...

What you have written is soooo true. May we all rise to that level and the Church of the Living God will become the mighty army we were called to be.

Candy said...

This is so true! Great post.

:) Candy

Jennifer said...

One of the hardest things to grasp about our Lord, in His amazing power and wonder... He promises in Romans that He's working out everything for the good. Incredible. Thank you for this reminder and comfort!