Friday, April 6, 2007

Happy Easter!

Ben (12) at MGM at Disney

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It is Friday, and I am glad. It is time for Easter holiday. No homework for a week. Yahooooo!! I know everybody starts dragging this time of the year, but I feel so worn out as far as school goes. My middle child, Ben, is autistic. He is very high functioning, but he is not an independent learner. He "spaces" out during class, and really seems to miss a lot. His reading comprehension is terrible, and I think it's mostly due to lack of focus, because he can read the words and not have a clue about what he just read. It's also processing....which is what autism is all about. We have to work hard at home after school is over just to keep up. We are BOTH so sick of homework that summer can't come quick enough. All the kids go to the Christian school I teach at which has no resource room. So, we make do with some accommodations. He's so smart, but it gets buried under all that processing. This is one of those areas I struggle to leave at the cross, and it's definitely one of my "joy-zappers". I working on that....
I was praying yesterday, thanking God for sending His Son. God reminded me that every drop of blood that Jesus shed was for a purpose. Every drop signifies a promise, a victory, an overcoming. I prayed that I would not allow one drop of that precious blood to be wasted...that I would fulfill the destiny God has for me...that I would claim every single thing that that blood purchased for me. Jesus already paid the price, so I sure don't want any of it to be wasted.
I hope everybody has a great Easter weekend. We are going to my parents house for a crawfish boil. It has become a wonderful tradition that I plan to keep. However, we have a cold front right now, and the high tomorrow is only 58!! Now, I realize that some of you live in the north, and that is warm for you....and, for that matter, the thought of a crawfish boil is alarming! However, us Louisianaians LOVE our crawfish!! Not to mention that it is supposed to be a lot warmer than 58 in April. However, I'll eat crawfish in any weather!!
Have a blessed Easter!


Jennifer said...

Thank you for posting the reminder that every drop of Jesus' blood was shed for a purpose. I don't want to waste a single drop either. You mentioned the word "overcoming" ~ for me, my struggle right now is giving every single issue, problem, and worry over to Him. I'm so guilty of thinking that "I" have to overcome these obstacles. Thank you for the reminder that HE has already overcome everything in this world.

I pray that you and your family have a most blessed Easter... eating crawfish :o)


PS: I have no idea what the deal is with the line skip, I had the same problem the other day! Stink.

Candy said...

Wishing you a blessed and happy Easter!

Candy :)

Trella said...

What a wonderful post!
What is the deal with this weather!! We had SLEET on the way home passing through New Orleans, and then had it again on the Causeway. I thought there was a chance in our area on Sunday morning, but not during the day on the south shore!! It is 45 degress right now. Okay! As you can see it was a little surprising. I hope you enjoyed your crawfish! We had some a few weeks ago, but we really need to get some more.

Candy said...

Ruth, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your nice comment and all your comments.
I added your name to my post of those I wish I could have given the award to!

Hugs to you,