Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"Real Mums"

Ashley tagged me to do this "Real Mums" post. I've been reading some awesome posts on this, so I must admit to being a bit intimidated....but here goes:

(as I'm typing these, I realize it is a bit heavy...sorry! I have 3 wonderful kids, 2 of which have special needs in one way or some of this is spilling out here)

A real mom lets her 7 year old child sleep in bed with her because he needs the security.

A real mom lets her child sleep in bed with her because he could have easily grown up in heaven instead of earth, so he can stay with her until he is 18 if he wishes.

A real mom summons the strength to turn her child over to the surgeon 3 times his first year of life so he can live, even though she wants to die from the hurt of having to do so.

A real mom always watches for blueness in her child's lips and fingers (without seeming to do so) while letting him participate in normal activities even though she is sometimes afraid.

A real mom studys for hours with her child so he can pass a test because he can't focus in class.

A real mom cries when she realizes her child will always have problems making friends.

A real mom prays for God to send a real friend to her child even though he is unable to be a typical friend, and then rejoices when it actually happens, to her utter amazement.

A real mom spends hours on the phone and internet researching what will help her child best thrive with a condition that seems completely hopeless to combat and then turns life around to do it.

A real mom does her best to make her "regular" child not feel left out in the wake of all the special needs.

A real mom stays up past midnight talking with her child when she has a personal crisis.

A real mom cries when she realizes her child is heading to high school.

A real mom has melt downs sometimes.

A real mom believes that God will perform miracles in her children.

A real mom takes a nap for her own sanity and the sanity of her children.

A real mom gives her child that last yummy bite of her favorite food.

A real mom apologizes to her children when she is wrong.

And mostly, a real mom cries out to God for wisdom to raise her children.

I'm not sure who to tag because I think most of you have already been tagged. I know I can tag Tonja and Nancy. Have any of you not been tagged yet? Let me know and I'll gladly tag you!


Penless Thoughts said...

I am so touched by your honesty and heart in this post. Thank you.

Trella said...

You did a great job. I couldn't wait to read you yours because I knew it would be special.

Tracy said...

Wow! Yes, you are a real mom! May the Lord bless all that you do for your family today!

Ashley said...

Oh goodness Ruth, what a fantastic job. I am so glad I tagged you. You had me in tears. So beautiful!

Christie Belle said...

I had tears in my eyes reading this one. You are a wonderful mother, I can just tell. Your children are very blessed to have you.

Jennifer said...

What a blessing you are to your children, family, and all who come in contact with you!

Thank you for your positive encouragement regarding my weightloss efforts. I'm at that point also where God's having to fight my fight and be my willpower. You will be in my prayers, as I know exactly what it means to be ready for the fight, and handing it over to Him.

Karen said...

Oh my, Ruth.....I have tears running down my face.
I tend to forget that there are all kinds of Moms in the trenches. Thank you for sharing your joys, pain, and sorrows.
Blessings and ((((Hugs))))

Jennifer said...

These were so precious and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing!
I know you must be a wonderful mom!!

Have a blessed weekend!

Lori B said...

Wow! That was a neat list. Thanks for sharing.

Christy said...

Ruth, you did an amazing job. You are such a wonderful mom. God gave you your children because he knew you would love them, be their champion and take care of them like no one else!!

I am very humbled by your attitude, your dedication, and your love!

Tonja said...

ok... i haven't read your blog in a while, so here I am catching up.
this is an amazing post! You bless me, Ruth. You are a real mom. I'm so thankful for your honesty and vulnerability. I believe the Lord is smiling, so proud to call you His own.

so, now it's my turn, huh?
i'll give it my best shot...but first i'll have to think about it :)