Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas is a week away! AAAAAHHHH!!!!!

Yes, I am still here. Life is just a tad bit we say. (I've got to learn how you all write a word and cross it out!) I know I am surrounded by those of you who decorate the day after Thanksgiving and do such a great job of decorating. Well, I WISH I were one of you. I desire to be one of you. However, I am not. Because of circumstances largely out of my control, here we are one week before Christmas, and my tree JUST got lights on it tonight. Now, when the ornaments are going to be hung is another matter entirely. (Sigh.)

WHY? you may ask, has it taken me so long. Let me sum it up in the short version: church, school (as in job, not kids fault), broken air conditioner (yes, necessary here in Louisiana in December), OPEN HOUSE coming on Thursday at school (uggg!), broken van (left me stranded on a nice, busy highway).... Now, I've done most of my shopping...thank goodness. But, have I wrapped a thing yet? Nope. When do I plan to get it done? Not a clue. I guess this weekend, somehow.

Ok...I'll stop whining. I stopped throwing hissy fits awhile back, but I must admit to throwing one or two in the last two weeks. HOWEVER, God is good, with His help I will get it all done, and with a little faith thrown in there, I'll do it without any more hissy fits and maybe even in a new van (said with a deep breath and closed eyes).

And, I have decided to start posting my every day life MUCH more regularly. It may not always be accompanied with pictures and clip art, and I plan on keeping the entries on the brief side, but if anybody is interested, I plan on posting regularly now. I have been reading everybody's blogs pretty consistently, but I just haven't been posting.

And with that...I'll leave you with this thought. Here is Louisiana this morning it was 30 degrees. By Thursday, our highs will be in the 70's. Again. Nobody around here wonders why everybody is sick....when your low of the day and your high of the day are 30 to 40 degrees different. I WANT SNOW. =o)


Momma Roar said...

I just can't imagine air conditioners in the winter...I've lived in PA all my life..we've had some warm days in winter, but I can't say its ever reached 70 (that I can remember anyway).

Also, to get your email on your side - with just a link - go to "add page element" and click "add text." Type something like "Email me!" and then highlight it and click on the button that looks like a staple (to add a link). Click on the pulldown menu and choose "mail to" and then you will type in your email addy after that. It will show up on your sidebar saying "email me" and when someone clicks on it, it will open up their email and have your address in the to box.

To do a button, its a little more html code, but if you'd like one, let me know and I can make ya one! :)

My email is on my sidebar if you need it.

So sorry for the long comment!

And, if those ornaments don't make it on the tree this year...oh well! You'll still have a wonderful Christmas!!

Christmas Blessings Ruth!!

diana said...

i can totally relate with having a lot still to do in a short amount of time. even though my tree's been up for a couple of weeks, my shopping isn't completely done and my house looks like a hurricane hit. be encouraged - it will all get done (or at least most of it).

to put a strike thru on a word, use [s] before the word and [/s] after the word, except use <> instead of [].

Ruth said...

Ooooo! Thank you both for your visits and helpful hints!! One day at a time is my motto right now!! =o)

Lori said...

Wow! You do sound busy. It is such a busy time of year. Good luck getting all of your Christmas preparation done.

I can't believe you need airconditioners either.
We have snow here and are running our furnace. It's been pretty chilly here. The usual temp around here is 10 degrees. I'll take some of your warmth.
We're still getting sick here even with the cold temps.

Christy said...

I am so excited that you are back :) I love getting comments from you so it will be even better to read your posts!