Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's almost 2008!

As the New Year approaches I find myself pondering on what I want to accomplish in 2008. Then, more to the point, I realized I needed to ask myself what does GOD want me to accomplish in 2008. Oh, I don't have the answers yet, but a few are:

1. I want to lose 50 pounds (at least)
2. I want to listen more and talk less
3. I want to become more of a giver and less of a taker or a "non-player"
4. mostly I want to become the type of person that draws people to the Lord...
believers and nonbelievers alike

What are your goals for 2008?


Rick said...

To stay awake in church.

Lori said...

That is a great list of New Years Resolutions.
I need to work on those things too.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Great goals my friend :)

I would say at least one of my goals is to write two children's Bible stories to submit to a publisher.

Happy New Year!

diana said...

those are wonderful goals, ruth. i hope you feel successful in 2008. and i hope this next year will be one filled with joy.

Emily (Unfurling Flower) said...

Happy New Year, dear Ruth! Your resolutions sound great. My goals are to organise my life in general, be much more disciplined, and be more healthy! God bless you this year - may it be wonderful, fruitful, and God-glorifying!